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New Products

  • 790E_PACKED_RGB_1000

    Essential Card Pack – Gracious Grey 216GSM – 790E

    £3.99 inc. Vat
  • 321N_PACKED_RGB_1000

    Nuvo Pen Collection – Supreme Metallics – 321N

    £3.99 inc. Vat
  • 319N_PACKED_RGB_1000

    Nuvo Pen Collection – Stormy Greys – 319N

    £3.99 inc. Vat
  • 788E_PACKED_RGB_1000

    Essential Card Pack – Gentle Greens 216GSM – 788E

    £3.99 inc. Vat
  • 317N_PACKED_RGB_1000

    Nuvo Pen Collection – Natural Browns – 317N

    £3.99 inc. Vat
  • 313N_PACKED_RGB_1000

    Nuvo Pen Collection – Woodland Greens – 313N

    £3.99 inc. Vat
  • 314N_PACKED_RGB_1000

    Nuvo Pen Collection – Marina Blues – 314N

    £3.99 inc. Vat
  • 318N_PACKED_RGB_1000

    Nuvo Pen Collection – Fair Skin Tones – 318N

    £3.99 inc. Vat
  • 320N_PACKED_RGB_1000

    Nuvo Pen Collection – Depth & Shadows – 320N

    £3.99 inc. Vat
  • 310N_PACKED_RGB_1000

    Nuvo Pen Collection – Rich Reds – 310N

    £3.99 inc. Vat
  • 312N_PACKED_RGB_1000

    Nuvo Pen Collection – Sunshine Yellow – 312N

    £3.99 inc. Vat
  • 311N_PACKED_RGB_1000

    Nuvo Pen Collection – Fragrant Oranges – 311N

    £3.99 inc. Vat

About Tonic Gold

We believe that crafters deserve excellent products that they can use and enjoy in versatile ways. Our ethos is based on product design from the ground up. That’s why we employ a creative team of design engineers, free hand illustrators and graphic designers who create products with longevity in mind. Before release, our crack team of card makers, mixed media artist and demonstrators to test and create with them before approving for release. The collections we release we hope are adaptable for all levels of craft ability, from beginner to advanced, versatile enough to scale as you learn new techniques and designs.